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Milk heat treatment

The term pasteurization has been coined after the name of Louis Pasteur of France, who in 1860-64 demonstrated that heating wine at a temperature between 122 to 140 ° F killed the spoilage organisms and helped in its preservation.

Although Louis Pasteur pioneered studies on heat treatment for preservation of the wine, pasteurization of milk first was attributed to Dr Frans von Soxhlet of Germany in 1886. He the first person to suggest that milk sold to the public to be heat treated.

Dr Frans von Soxhlet, an agricultural chemist also invented the Soxhlet extractor in 1879 and in 1886 he proposed he proposed that pasteurization be applied to milk in order to prevent disease and spoilage.

The son of a Belgian immigrant, Soxhlet is also known as the first scientist who fractionated the milk proteins in casein, albumin, globulin and lactoprotein. Furthermore, he described for the first time the sugar present in milk, lactose.

Frans von Soxhlet completed his PhD in Leipzig in 1872 before became an assistant at Landwirtschaftliches und tierphysiologisches Institut in Leipzig.
Milk heat treatment

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