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Page brothers (Charles and George) and Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company

In 1856, Gail Borden invented and received the patent for his process of condensing milk. Canned condensed milk proved invaluable as a military ration in the 1860s.

Charles Page founded the Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company as a limited company in Cham, Switzerland, in 1866. The company's name was meant to flatter the British, to whom Page hoped to sell a great deal of his condensed milk.

His first partner is his brother George, who goes on to become director of the company, which is founded in 1866, and has the task of learning about the manufacture of condensed milk from Gail Borden in the US. This involved heating milk to evaporate some of the water, then adding sugar as a preservative.

Page brothers had seen the growth of condensed milk in the United States and wanted to manufacture milk near to a large, quality source.

A year later, the Pages opened Europe’s first condensed milk factory in Cham, and their Milkmaid Brand began to roll off the production line. The company expanded its operations beyond Switzerland's borders in 1872, when it opened a factory in Chippenham, England.

In 1874, Anglo-Swiss undertook further expansion in England by purchasing the Condensed Milk Company in London. In 1881, the company opened a plant in Middletown, New York. Soon Anglo-Swiss competed successfully with Borden.

In 1905, Nestlé merged with Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company.
Page brothers (Charles and George) and Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company

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