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Maxwell House Coffee

In 1884, Jole Cheek and Roger Nolley Smith, a coffee broker, met and the two worked on finding the perfect blend.

In 1892, they persuaded the owners of the Maxwell House Hotel to serve their coffee, and they use the name of the hotel as their coffee brand. The guests loved it so much that the hotel ran out after a few days and had to return to its usual brand. After patrons complained, Maxwell House became the only coffee served at the hotel.

During the Second World War, instant coffee became enormously popular as a convenient and long-lasting product, which could be made anywhere without the need for a coffee machine.

During World War II, freeze drying process was for the preservation of biological samples such plasma. Soon afterwards freeze drying was applied to foods and gained momentum in the food industry starting in the 1950’s.

In 1963 Maxwell House launched a freeze-drying process which came to dominate the market, giving a taste more comparable to fresh coffee. The company claimed tastes more similar to fresh-brewed coffee than other instant coffee products. Within a few years, all major manufacturers had freeze-dried coffee products on the market.

Maxwell House coffee has been owned and produced by several companies, starting with Cheek's company, Nashville Coffee and Manufacturing Company, then followed by General Foods, and Kraft Foods Inc.
Maxwell House Coffee

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