Monday, November 27, 2017

Camembert process cheese

Camembert is situated in the southern part of the Auge, five kilometers from Vimoutiers. Its irregular boundaries enclose area of approximately 2500 acres.

A Frenchwoman name Marie Harel is credited with inventing the gourmet cheese name for her native village of Camembert.

Marie was 19 year old cheesemaker and one day in 1810, her thoughts more on the boy next door than on her cheesemaking, she omitted the blue mold cheese culture from one batch of cheese. Upon tasting of that one batch with its soft creamy texture and delicious, her fame was made.

Another version of the story is that in 1790 after the French revolution a priest on the run was sheltered in the village of Camembert by Marie Harel. In gratitude, he taught her the cheesemaking technique use in his former parish in Brie, and Harel cleverly married it to local cheesemaking methods to create Camembert.

Marie then invented the Camembert cheese by combining the process of Brie and the recipe for Livarot, one of the oldest Norman cheeses.

In 1890 the characteristics round wooden box was invented and Camembert quickly became one of the most popular French cheeses conquering foreign market as well.
Camembert process cheese
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