Sunday, May 14, 2017

Peach processing

This fruit originated in China as early as 550 BC it was depicted in art and literature as a symbol of immortality. Later it was introduced into Persia and was spread by the Romans throughout Europe.

The first peaches were brought to Florida by Columbus and the Spaniards on their second or third expedition, and in the early 1800s the Russians reportedly brought peach seeds or trees by ship to San Francisco and planted them near Fort Ross.
It has been a commercial crop since the 1800s with Georgia even being known as the Peach State.

Until 1964 all peaches used for canning were dual-purpose (for eating fresh or preserving in cans) and they were always yellow-fleshed freestone varieties. Today clingstone peaches of the variety called Pavie, with a firm yellow flesh, are used.
Peach processing
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