Thursday, September 29, 2011

Early History of Can Opener

In 1846 Henry Evens invented a tin can machine that spit out over 1400 tin cans a day. The first cans were very thick and hard to open. Many new ways were being sought out to open the cans.

The can would be heated and then opened with a hammer and chisel. The can opener was invented 45 years after canned food was invented.

Canned food was first used in 1810 to supply the armed forces with food. Many inventors turned their attention to can openers in the mid to late 19th century.

Ezra Warner of Waterbury Connecticut invented the first can opener in 1858.

The can openers invented by Robert Yeates in 1855 also very similar. They both had a hard blade that was pushed sharply through the top of the can and then levered around to slice the lid open.

Our modern can opener wasn’t invented until 1870, 60 years after canned foods were introduced.

It was invented by an American, William Lyman. He made it possible for the novice to use the device, which led to mass consumption.

By 1931 many electric versions of this type were being introduced.
Early History of Can Opener
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